Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not-so-live Blogging Nintendo's E3 Conference

It's E3 once again and today was Nintendo's turn in the spotlight. I was going to take the massively original step of giving my impressions on Twitter as the inevitable train wreck unfolded. I ended up missing it when it was on live, but luckily for you, I opened up a Notepad window and jotted down my impressions as I watched it two hours later. Will we find out more about Cammie's son, will Ravi Drums return and most importantly, will Nintendo be bringing any smiles to this gamer's face. If you want to follow along, you can watch the conference here.

Let the madness begin...

  • 10:03:11AM And we're off. Look at how happy all those fake gamers look.
  • 10:03:49 Holy crap, might want to tone down the crazy flashing animations guys. I wouldn't want to have epilepsy right now.
  • 10:04:20 "Everyone's Game". Oh goody, lots of casual shovelware to look forward to, I suppose.
  • 10:04:28 Cammie! The stage is engulfed in what can only be described as "Gamecube purple". So sick of that colour from back in the day. I wonder if there are more Wiimakes on the way.
  • 10:05:17 Sales data incoming.
  • 10:06:00 Oh! Everyone's game. As in everyone is up for gaming. That's sort of clever.
  • 10:06:42 "A grin or a shout buried in the middle of a level." What?
  • 10:07:07 Mario reveal on the way. A little retrospective of Mario games begins.
  • 10:07:29 Super Mario World. Fuck yeah!
  • 10:08:04 Mario in the fourth dimension? Mario on PS3 confirmed!
  • 10:08:30 New Super Mario Bros. for Wii. Excite!!!
  • 10:09:24 So, Mario Four Swords then. I like how the Treehouse guys have shirts to match their characters.
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