Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey, I Made More Mario Maker Stages!

Mario Maker! It’s been a while, but I’ve been hard at work for the last couple of nights putting together a new level. Plus, a previously unseen one.

Bowser’s Bouncy Castle - C6A3-0000-021A-F85F

I don’t think that there’s any denying that this one’s a sizable step up in difficulty from most of the levels I’ve made so far. In first half you’ve got a challenging, but fairly traditional Super Mario World style castle - a few dry bones, a few magikoopas, lava, fireballs, a couple of spiky columns, and watch out for that saw blade!

At the checkpoint you’ll hop into the recently-added fire clown car and blast your way through a gauntlet of bumpers, bob-ombs, cannon balls, koopas and hammer bros.. I’m not going to lie, it can get pretty hairy in there, but take your time and you should be okay. If you’re feeling really adventurous, it is also possible to get through there on foot, but I wouldn’t recommend it. :D

On the other side of that is a showdown with Bowser himself. Again! :D Yeah, I’d like to see Nintendo give us a few more bosses to work with, but I think I did a okay job of making the battle here a bit more interesting than usual. Also doable without the clown car, by the way. It does involve a bit of strategy though.

Needless to say, there are a few secrets to be found in this level too…

Castle Dash - 17AB-0000-0106-9CF1

So this is a level I uploaded back December. It’s another SMW castle, but this one, I fancied doing something a little different with. Here you have only 60 seconds to dash through an obstacle course of saw blades, conveyor belts and thwomps. It’s pretty challenging, but I did my best to try and point you in the right direction throughout, so hopefully, it’s not too unwieldy. Although I see on Nintendo’s Mario Maker site that it’s already been classed as an expert course, so I guess it’s too late for that. :D

The current record record holder on this one is Zain, who seems pretty happy about that (I think :D). I’d say there’s still a bit of time that could be shaved off that though, if anyone wants to try and win some Mario Maker kudos.

Note: Mario Maker kudos not redeemable for cash value.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spammy Snippets 05/04/16

Here's a cutie who hates boredom and loves studs! You understand what I mean.

- Absolutely.

I'll let you know what's interesting today...

- Oh?

...I was always skeptical towards the Asians.

- Oh.

Beautiful babes doing different things in an office setting.

- Like filing reports?

You Have a Hot B00ty Notification

- H0t d4mn.

All girls are yours now

- That was easy.

Solve your problems, use this magical potion

- No way. The last time I drank a "magical potion", it turned out to be a bottle of Simoniz Wash & Wax. And that didn't help at all.

I am feeling frisky right at this moment, how about you, male?

- I don't know...............  Are you a robot?

Bytes of exposed content

- Nothing gets me going like a 16-color bitmap.

You will be able to touch me wherever you desire to We will do it in a trunk

- Hmm... Sounds uncomfortable.

They are legal. What else can you possibly wait for?

- Consent?