Thursday, February 23, 2017

Archive Raiding: Art Scans Batch #4

It's time for another round of Junior Cert. art scans. This batch I'm dubbing the mostly mixed media special - something I tried my hand at early on in the project, following a call to vary things up a bit. The end results... left much to be desired.

 photo flower vase_final con10.jpg

I don't know if you can tell, but I really didn't have the slightest idea what I was doing. :D Yikes, this is bad! Worse than the haphazard use of different mediums here though is the general colour palette. Besides the flowers in the vase, it's just so washed-out and ugly, and that puke green and blue background is horrible. Bleah!

 photo cutup2-restoration3-png-final con6 jpeg.jpg

This is a little better though. The top left butterfly here is a mix of collage on top and colouring pencil underneath. The collage I think l pulled off much better here though - you really get the effect of it being made up of little bits of paper this time; the daffodils in the vase above just looked like solid orange blocks. But just like the daffodil leaves above, the bottom part of the butterfly here doesn't mesh with the collage bit at all, and that's not helped by my bizarre choice of colours on this bit.

The weird clown butterfly on the top right is pretty dope though. Not so sure about the oddly-designed one on the second row, which seems to be coloured-in with a pastel and marker combo. The rest of the page: yet more flat-looking flowers done in various mediums, even chalk (in the bottom left corner). If this wouldn't satisfy the art teacher, I didn't know what would!

It didn't. :D

 photo rose_final_jpeg.jpg

Getting away from mixed media atrocities for a while and man, what a difference six months makes. Maybe even less. The two uh.. pieces above would have been from some point in late '98. This I specifically remember I drew (based on an art book drawing) in May '99 because, as I was slowly shading this in, I was also keeping one eye on the Man Utd v. Bayern Munich Champions League Final. By the time I finished up, all hope for a Man Utd. win seemed lost as extra time ticked away. As an avid fan at time, desperately I resorted to praying for a win in those dying moments. Amazingly, those prayers were answered with two messy, miracle goals. You're welcome, Alex Ferguson. :D

 photo bowls-final_n.jpg

Moving to the 3D part of the project, here we have some more potential bowl designs. With the exception of the top right one, these would have all been far more interesting than the one I actually made. That black and white-colour combo on the top left is such a cool idea! You know what, I might make that bowl still.

The one in the center here wouldn't have been a bad look either though. The bowl I made could have desperately used some of those white flowers on it to break up that awful wall of dark blue. Oh well, too late now.

 photo flowers.jpg

More flowers, but from a slightly earlier stage of the project than the big rose above. I still hadn't quite grasped the whole shading thing at this point, but these are definitely a big improvement over say, the ones under the butterflies above.

Being a bit more well-versed in gardening type stuff at this stage though, I am noticing how weird the petunias - the pruple flowers here -  look in all this stuff.  Like most of the flowers I used throughout this project, I got the basic look of these flowers from a black and white photocopy from an art book, obviously not realizing that the rectangular sections in these flowers were meant to be a different colour. This ended up giving them this bizzare geometric shape that I just ran and ran with, right up until the final submissions of the project. Whoops. :D