Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tumblr Doodles: August-December '14

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nintendo Direct (UK) 01.04.15: Not-so-live Impressions

It's Thursday, April 02. It's well after midnight. Let's see how far I can get into this before I fall asleep, hopefully not from boredom. :D

  • 00:00 - Ooh, Pegi 18? What they could be showing off now to warrant that? Devil's Third maybe. 
  • 00:11 - Straight into Smash Bros. So, I've seen something about DLC after glancing at GAF by accident. Before they announce it, I'm busting out my heavily Mario Kart 8 inspired, but rock-solid prediction of two DLC packs, each with one new character and about three new/returning stages. And one of the characters is the Ice Climbers. Boom!
  • 00:15 - That looks like Lucario.

  • 00:16 - No, it's Mewtwo. Man, if this is the only DLC they're showing off here, I'm going to be disappointed. Already have a code for him (her?) on the way after buying both versions of the game just to get the soundtrack. (Damn it, Nintendo).
  • 00:46 - I have to say though: I don't get the appeal of Mewtwo at all. Granted, I've seen very little of the show and none of the movies, but just look at how dumb that thing looks.
  • 01:33 - I don't know, Iwata. I'm having a hard time believing that this took that long to rehash a character from from Melee and Brawl.

  • 01:41 - Wait, €3.99 for just a character. That's a fair bit of an escalation from the DLC pricing we've from Nintendo up to now. (DeNA's toxic influence already seeping in. The end is nigh!!!!)
  • 02:22 - Yeesh, they're going in and rebalancing Smash Bros.. I don't think you realise the wrath you may end up unleashing on message boards across the Internet, Nintendo. I think you have no idea. And could you really not share custom stages up until now? I don't know why I'm surprised. :D

  • 02:37 - Cat costumes in Smash Bros. Finally.
  • 02:38 - Zelda costumes in Smash Bros. Finally.
  • 02:44 - Oh, these are for Miis. Well, like I keep saying: fuck Miis. :D (I know. The hypocrisy level's off the charts. :D)

  • 02:55 - Smash Bros. for Wii U: your exclusive home for Mega Man content in 2015.

  • 02:59 - Wait! Fucking what?! These aren't free? DeNAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 
  • 03:11 - Okay, more new content: single use items. Maxim tomatoes only ten cents. Bumpers forty-nine cents a pair.

  • 03:38 - No, it's Lucas. Wait, was Lucas not in already? As you can can tell, I've played both versions of Smash Bros. extensively. (Yeah, I don't know. Smash Bros. has always been more appealing to me for the fan service than the gameplay. With the story mode gone and the amount of stuff returning from the previous games this time, I think I might be done after this one.)
  • 04:48 - We've heard the request and decided to offer Lucas... for the low, low price of €3.99.
  • 04:58 - Well, that sure wasn't a "for free". :D I wonder if people are going to go for these at four euros a pop. Man, this really isn't the type of DLC offering I was hoping for for Smash Bros.. Not too surprised that the characters are already established ones, but I really expected them to throw in a few old stages at least and offer a nice, value pack of content like the did with MK8. I guess they're still trying things out.

  • 05:10 - Fucking Paper Mario!! Put Paper Mario in the game damn it!
  • 05:39 - :D Oh, Iwata, you're loving that *directly* thing more and more as time goes on. Welp, definitely voting for Paper Mario, but I expect it'll do about as much good as me asking for Ash songs in the Rock Band. This ballot's going to be nothing but an endless stream of Ridley and freakin' Geno.
  • 05:59 - If anyone legitimately votes for Cat Mario, know this: I will hunt you down.
  • 06:27 - I'm actually legitimately excited for amiibos now. I know. I have a sickness. (Damn you, scalpers. Still looking for Toad at a reasonable price. Why didn't I pre-order? Gah!)

  • 06:34 - Nah, nothing for me either this time. I'd like a Gannondorf one, not the Smash Bros. version though.

  • 06:40 - Ooh, Olimar. Yeah! Gimme, gimmee!
  • 06:58 - Touch & Play - this is the amiibo demo thing that surfaced a few weeks ago.

  • 08:01 - Please tell me Iwata didn't just reference Forest Gump. :D This is kind of an odd system though tbh. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the amiibo unlock a game from the series it belongs to? Then again, Pinball and stuff don't have amiibos, I guess. Yet.

  • 08:34 - That may have been the coolest Nintendo logo treatment ever. So, I guess this is Mario Maker?
  • 09:23 - Yep. That was pretty awesome. No Mario 2 tile set though by the looks of things.
  • 10:45 - "...but why would anyone want to switch to that" Okay, NSMBU had probably the best art direction of that series, but still...
  • 11:30 - "Please look forward to the Super Mario All-stars rom, now on a Wii U disc!"
  • 11:56 - Shibata now. Looks like it's Yoshi Wolly World time. Oh yeah!

  • 12:22 - Squeeeeeeeee!

  • 13:18 - Oh my god! This wolly Yoshi amiibo may be all I've ever wanted out of life.
  • 14:05 - June 06. Damn it. I need that bundle. I need that bundle now!
  • 14:08 - Welp, on to Splatoon.

  • 14:50 - Been sold on this since E3 so I'm kind of zoning out here. interested to try out the single player too though.

  • 16:02 - Meh, not feeling these amiibos. I think the Splatoon characters look neat in-game, but these look like licensed figures for some crappy early 00's-ish cartoon.
  • 16:53 - That squid one though...
Okay, I'm checking out here for the night here. Really want to keep going, I'm riding on a Yoshi amiibo high, but I guess I better get at least a few hours sleep. Society demands it!

And I'm back! I'd like to say I was dreaming wollen Yoshis last night, Actually, I was in sort of horror movie where everyone was getting killed off by this 2D red and white guy with a wheezy laugh, which I guess makes me the last girl.  Anyway...


  • 17:24 - Affordable Space Adventures. Looks decidedly indie, not sure if it's new or not. The name has a familiar ring to it at least.
  • 17:34 - Stealth? Managing systems? Yeah, I think I'm out. :D
  • 18:21 - Oh, Swords & Soldiers II. I should probably get around to playing the original at some point.
  • 19:02 - Man, Shibata's seems to be having a hard time with the script today. Well, more than usual any way.

  • 19:19 - Boom! Finally some N64 and DS Virtual Console games.
  • 19:27 - Okay, I'll probably pony up some cash for Mario Kart DS. Haven't played it, but it's pretty good apparently. Wonder how it's going to look blown up on a big screen though. Can't imagine they're doing any kind of upscaling, *sigh* as usual.

  • 19:42 - Wow! :D Yeah, that's not how I'll be playing them any way. Come on, could we at least have a DS Lite border?
  • 19:56 - "The leader of the bunch." - Ugh, Garry Glitter? No, wait. It's Donkey Kong.