Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gardening with JiliK - Let's Grow All the Things Edition

Having now uh, thoroughly mastered the art of herb growing, clearly the next step in my gardening adventure was to move outdoors to try my hand at growing pretty much every vegetable I could think of. With only a few herb seedlings under my belt now, zero other experience and very little in the way of research, what could possibly go wrong?

So this is the first photo I have of my humble vegetable plot, from the 4th of May 2014: about two weeks after I'd prepared the spot here and sown a bunch of different vegetable seeds that I'd bought on the internet: kale, chard, lettuce, carrots, turnips, beans, radishes, beetroot, spinach - several of which I'd never eaten before, let alone grown.

This maybe wasn't the best spot for a garden though. The soil here was riddled with stones and there were some apple tree roots I had to work around, but I prepared it as best I could, single digging the drills, sprinkling in some vegetable fertiliser and taking out as many of the bigger stones as I could. At least at this early stage, my efforts looked to be paying off as the first seedlings started appearing:

Well, along with some weeds. This is the chard.

And these are some turnips, I think. I cobbled together some wire brackets and covered them with netting after noticing some feline interference in the plot.

If you look closely, you might be able to spot a possible suspect now.:D

As well as growing some general veggies out here, I decided to have a go at growing some pumpkins and courgettes in couple of drills a few feet away.

These guys, I'd started off in a propagator on my windowsill. Maybe it was just because I had more of an idea of what I was doing now, but they proved much easier to get growing than the herbs earlier in the year, and at this point, they had just outgrown the propagator. I wasn't too hopeful that we'd get a decent enough summer to grow either of these, but hey, you never know.

But wait, there's more. I also wanted to try growing a few tomatoes. Pretty sure that those needed a warmer environment than your typical Irish summer, I got myself this little plastic growhouse - products that all seem to have the worst reviews imaginable on the internet. After a lot of searching around, I eventually went for a Gardman Walk-in Greenhouse, solely because that sounded like a brand I'd heard of before. :D It turned out to be pretty sturdy though, and I'm still using it, though I do put it away into a shed over the winter. Otherwise, with some of the storms we've had lately, I'm sure it'd be a crumpled ball of metal piping by now.

Inside the growhouse are a few already biggish cherry tomato plants. These, I got as super frail little things in Aldi, I guess in February. I'd been growing them since then on a windowsill, eventually moving them in here when they got too big.

The same variety, but grown from seed this time, a year later. You get the idea. :D

These plants had actually gotten so big now that I could only fit three of the six plants I had inside the growhouse. The rest I had to leave to take their chances with the elements outside. We had had a pretty great run of weather up to this point though, so those ones were doing just fine at the moment.

BUT WAIT! There's more!. Also in Aldi, I picked up a pack of four bare root asparagus plants. These you needed to bury in a trench that you gradually filled in with soil as they grow (That's what I picked up from the instructions anyway.). These guys were having some trouble in that department though, again thanks to those pesky cats.

In an effort to keep their treacherous paws away from the the still fragile stems, I put these segments I'd cut out of a plastic bottle around them, and for extra protection, I covered the whole trench with a bit of netting.

It's the 15th of June now and things are actually coming along pretty well. In the leftmost drill,  the beans are up. Moving over to the right, we've got some mixed lettuce, some nice-looking radishes and some sturdy-looking turnips. In the middle drill, both the chard and kale are coming along, with some more turnips at the back. We've got a few carrots in the next drill (Not many though. Even now, I'm pretty sure that they were starting to get attacked by carrot rust fly and other bug-like bastards :D). Also in that drill: some spinach, a few beetroots and what I thought was probably the fennel I sowed, but was actually just a big weed. In the fifth drill, that I'd added on since the last picture, you can see some more radishes just coming up here. A little later I'd set some more carrots in the front of that drill and some more lettuce and spinach in the back.

Over in courgette town, things have been a little shaky. Some pretty full-on bouts of wind during May trashed several of the plants I'd planted here a few weeks ago. I had to get a few more going in the propagator to put in their place. The one on the bottom left is one of the originals though and it's getting pretty well-established now.

The plant second up on the right here is a actually a butternut squash. I hadn't really planned on setting any of those (I mean, they are just kind of mini pumpkins. Right?), but someone got me a pack of seeds so I thought I'd give them a go.

Checking back with the asparagus: I've successfully managed to keep the cats out long enough to fill in the trench now, probably a bit too quickly, but whatever. :D The asparagus ferns have grown tall enough  that I've had to give them support with some way too short bits of bamboo I had left over from propping up my tomato plants. Would I get any edible asparagus out of this little plot? It would be almost a year before I'd find out. (But the answer is yes. Not much, but yes.)

It's Mid-July, and it's a big day: my first courgette! Thankfully, the last month had been relatively calm. My courgettes and pumpkins are all well-established now, which was a big relief after the devastation back in May, but it also meant that things were starting to get a little cosy in the confined space that I was growing them in, between a hedge and some apple trees.

Apple trees that my pumpkin plants were rapidly advancing towards. Yeah, I'm sure this won't be a problem. :D

It's not super-easy to make out here, but you can just about see that the bottom courgette plant has gotten a bit of a ravaging from insects here. This became more and more of a problem around now, to the point where I had to spray the leaves a few times with an organic insecticide. Not something I was super keen on, but I really had no choice if I wanted to keep the plants in one piece. Those freakin' bugs can tear through these leaves like nobody's business.

Speaking of firsts, my first tomato was also ripening; on one of the plants I had to leave outside, no less, which should tell you just how nice the weather had been.

Inside the growhouse, no doubt helped by all the sunshine and some regular tomato feed, things have gotten a little out of hand. :D I'm sure there was some pruning I was supposed to do that I wasn't aware of, but the tomato plants in here have now sky-rocketed to the roof of the growhouse. I didn't really want to trim them though because even high up on all the stems there were flowers which, hey, might set into more tomatoes.

Over on the right, occupying the shelf that was now of very limited use thanks to the giant tomato plants. were a few marigolds that I'd bought, which I'd read were good at deterring insects that attack tomato plants. Here's hoping.

Underneath those were a few pepper plants I'd managed to grow in here. The leaves were a bit chewed up, but still. Marigolds: not so great for deterring slugs. :)

Over in the the veggie drills, things are, generally, ticking over nicely. There's been a big casualty since the last pic here though. The turnips are gone! I don't know if I sowed the seeds too early or what, but all of them bolted. New turnip seeds started forming at the top of each stem, while the turnips themselves got hard to the point of being inedible; not that I didn't try cooking them, but they weren't good.

Everything else is doing okay though. At this point, I'd already started using the chard (Check out the size of that chard in the top right!) and the lettuce. Some of the kale is looking a bit weedy here, but I'd imagine that was a result of the turnip leaves blocking the sunlight out from it.

A little further down, the beans are doing well.

And moving left up along the drills, my mini sweetcorn is up. No doubt thanks to the exceptionally hot Summer that pretty much had me watering everything, every day now. That was a bit more than I'd bargained for, to be honest, but I was managing. Just about.

That long scraggly plant behind the sweetcorn is part of the original batch of spinach I'd sowed. Clearly not having read the seed instructions carefully enough, I was disappointed to find that the leaves in this variety of spinach were pretty tiny. To try to get a bit more yield from these plants I left them grow as long as I could which at least resulted in a lot of small spinach leaves, though the wind played havoc with them whenever it appeared, so bamboo canes had to be employed once again.

It's the 8th of August now, and the pumpkins have finally arrived, this being the biggest of the bunch.

Also, the pumpkin plants themselves...

...have shown something of a growth spurt. I suppose they were all overdue for some type of pruning at this point, but I was so excited to finally have some pumpkins going that I didn't want to do anything to jeopardise them, so I just left the plants basically overrun the place.

Yeah. I'm not kidding. :D

Aside from the threat of pumpkin assimilation though, everything else is doing pretty well.

In the last month, the kale has filled in nicely,

the first beans have been ready for harvesting,...

...and the sweetcorn has been growing like crazy. I don't entirely recall what was up with the small one in the middle though. I think I must have planted one later than the others to replace a damaged one maybe.

On the other hand, my beetroot doesn't really seem to be thriving,

and my carrots - those have unfortunately been laid waste to by carrot rust fly, leaving, I'd say, only about fifth of the ones I planted in tact. The worst thing about this is that I had a pack of seeds for a carrot fly resistant variety (which I planted last year and they totally did the trick), but I opted to sow the bag of funky mixed colour carrots instead. I imagine those would have been fine though if I'd sprayed those little orange bastards as soon as I spotted them, but I didn't.

Over in courgette land, the plants are in full flow now. Thanks to the insecticide, the bugs are no longer a problem. Though I'm pretty sure it was around this time that I was starting to have some trouble with mould forming on the leaves. I managed to find this recipe for a homebrewed spray that worked wonders for that though. I'm pretty sure this pic was taken only a few days after applying it.

Insect damage from last month: yes, but the mould is gone. (Also, my sweet gardening Nikes.)

The courgettes themselves are reaching harvesting size now. Actually, this one's even a bit bigger than the size I harvest them at now, which is at about a foot long. At that size, at least with this variety (Verde Di Milano), you've got plenty of courgette to play around with, but the skin isn't tough enough yet that to have to remove it, and the seeds inside have only started forming so you don't need to worry about those either. Just slice it up and get some pickles or roast veggies going, or make a nice courgette and bacon soup (recipe incoming). Yum.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Nintendo Treehouse Live 2016: Not-so-live Impressions (for a Bit)

The press conferences are over; it's time for Zelda. So, like I said in the Microsoft post, sadly, there are no need for predictions this year; Nintendo have apparently just been showing the new Wii U/NX Zelda all day today, with a bit of time devoted to the upcoming 3DS Pokémon games. That's all been in the form of an E3 live stream fronted by NOA localisation staff - a stream they started last year that I don't think I actually watched a minute of, because jeez, who has time for that? :D

This year though, for reasons only known to them, it's all Nintendo have at E3 for us lowly folks at home, and they're showing freakin' Zelda, so there's no way I'm not taking a look at that. This won't be all day impressions though, I'm only planning on going for about an hour or so. If the stream gets a bit too hot and heavy with spoilers, which I'm kind of afraid it will, I'm going to be bailing out even earlier.

Remember, the safe word is DEKU NUT.

Watch live video from Nintendo on www.twitch.tv

  • 00:27:40 - Okay, sounds like the music is finally coming down here. Much as I was enjoying that sublime elevator music, Nintendo. (Come on, slap The Ballad of the Wind Goddess or something on there; it's Zelda time!) 
  • 00:27:51 - Or not.

  • 00:28:03 - Hey, there's Reggie. I guess with a little condolence message first. Damn it, what's wrong with people?

  • 00:29:02 - And we're under way.

  • 00:29:17 - The Nintendo experience is different at every E3. Yeah, you're not kidding there, Reggie. :D

  • 00:30:15 - Okay, trailer time. Wait, is that voice acting? In a Zelda game?

  • 00:30:23 - Still looking sharp.

  • 00:30:41 - Deer! To be honest, I already half-glimpsed the subtitle for this while fumbling through YouTube, so I guess hunting, or at least animals feature heavily in this Zelda. 
  • 00:31:13 - "Wake up, Link." That definitely sounds like voice acting. In a Zelda game!

  • 00:31:18 - Woo! Sail cloth confirmed. I just finished putting 50 or so hours into Twilight Princess HD; there were quite a few times I was ready to bust out the sail cloth in that, only to remember that it's not in the game. (By the way, Twilight Princess: still an awesome game. I'll never understand the haters.) Oh, just noticed the piratey skull on the cloth here. Wind Waker timeline confirmed? :D

  • 00:31:19 - Okay, so that looks like Hyrule Castle off in the distance, and that has to be Death Mountain off north-east-ish from that (at least from this perspective). Looks like a field in the middle and you've got  a forest in the south - You know, for as loose as Nintendo have been with the Zelda timeline up until recently (and I'm not sure they've changed their ways yet there), they've always been weirdly consistent with Hyrule's general layout.

  • 00:31:35 - Oh yeah. This looks like the open world I was missing from Skyward Sword.

  • 00:31:29 - Like that leaked artwork, climbing seems to be a big thing this time. The please-don't-make-this-an-Ubisoft-open-world-game crowd won't be happy with that. :D

  • 00:31:47 - Crafting confirmed!

  • 00:31:52 - No, probably not. But you can cut down trees, and hunt!

  • 00:31:54 - And burn the vegetation. This is an Ubisoft open world game. :D

  • 00:32:09 - Now this looks like some touch screen based business.
  • 00:32:37 - Liking that rock monster. I think I saw Link wearing armour in there too. I wonder if you actually get Link's regular green tunic at any point. The fans won't happy about that.
  • 00:32:40 - Damn, this trailer music is great. It's got a real earthy, traditional Asian feel to it.

  • 00:32:41 - Love a snowy area in games! Holy crap, this one looks huge.

    • 00:33:02 - Ooh, that looks nice. Very LttP official art:

         Image from Zelda Legends

    • 00:33:02 - But otherwise, yeah whatever, Nintendo, of course the Master Sword is in this game! :D Is Gannondorf going to a big reveal at the end of this too?

    • 00:33:19 - Breath of the Wild. It's a bit of odd name for a Zelda game. Sounds more like a Witcher expansion, but it's growing on me. 
    • 00:33:32 - Do you really need to put a Nintendo logo at the end of a Zelda trailer? Oh man, do you think that's actually the NX logo, and that they're just going to call it"Nintendo", like all those idiots want? :D 
    • 00:33:44 - "We like to call it 'open world' - a combination of 'open', and 'world'" 
    • 00:34:24 - Man, they really are talking about this like no one watching has played an open world game before. :D

    • 00:35:18 - Wait, what? I wasn't prepared for immediate Pokémon here. (I was kind of hoping I'd be avoiding it entirely. :D) In Pokémon update news, that copy of Pokémon Ruby I got: still unplayed, leaving Pokémon Yellow as still the only Pokémon game I've ever played. (I do know how to bust out a mean é though. éééééééééééééééé)

    • 00:35:37 - I might not be interested in these games, but I have to admit: Rowlet looks pretty dope. 
    • 00:37:24 - Man, I really wonder why they didn't just do another Digital Event this year. I think they had enough games if they went bit deeper than usual on Zelda, these Pokémon games, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Paper Mario. Throw in a few amiibo announcements, and boom. I'm starting to suspect that they wanted to make everyone watch extended gameplay from Zelda, so that everyone would be able to grasp what an open world game is, considering that they've never made one before. That seems nuts, but also very Nintendo I think. I still think it's bonkers though not be unveiling at least some aspect of the NX here, if it really is coming out in March. All they needed was some vague teaser-y stuff. Everyone would have gone wild. Can you tell I'm very excited to hear about Pokémon? :D

    • 00:38:58 - This sure looks like Pokémon. And is it just me, or is the audio quality on this trailer terrible?

    • 00:39:11 - I'm not sure I'd trust a professor who goes around in an open shirt with kids; Professor Kukui looks like a prime dirtbag. 
    • 00:39:41 - "Why Sun and Moon? Well, we've already used up every other group of semi-related things.'"

    • 00:40:59 - Boo. These Pokémon are dumb. Put Rowlett on the box. 
    • 00:41:10 - Is it just me, or does the moon look a lot like the rebel insignia from Star Wars? 
    • 00:43:00 - Holy nude Norman Reedus, I'm bored. :D

    • 00:46:37 - Looks like the heroine is wearing a cross between a Billy Hatcher and a Scribblenauts hat. (And I thought I wouldn't have any insightful Pokémon commentary to offer.) 
    • 00:46:56 - Yikes! There's still gameplay to come? This is some real bait and switch shit. :D "Tune in to see the new Zelda!' "Surprise, Motherfuckers! Two hours of Pokemon!"