Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Decorations: '08 Style

Man, I really didn't pick the best time to start that weekly gaming thing, partially because it's almost Christmas and, much to my dismay, those decorations had to go up sometime. This does, however, give me the perfect excuse to post a few pics I took of my jolified gaming room last year, like this one:

Christmas Decorations '08 - Bookshelf

First up is this finely-crafted, flat-pack bookshelf, which plays host to my (boxed) game collection circa January 2009, two Halloween figures still full of candy from 2007, some VHS tapes, The Bible Part 3 and an old copy of Arcade I'd bought on eBay earlier in the month. What better way to enhance this fine collection of stuff than by Sellotaping a set of LED lights to it?

Christmas Decorations '08- Bookshelf in the Dark

Rave time!

Christmas Decorations '08 - TV

Tinsel - a tasteful addition to any entertainment cabinet. It's my TV, complete with a variety of consoles. Outside we have some clear fairy lights attached to a wall via a creeping cotoneaster and on the window there's a lighting Merry Christmas sign.

Christmas Decorations '08 - Window

A close-up of the sign and the lights outside.

Christmas Decorations '08 - Santa

And finally, it's another window-mounted decoration from a different room. This one's Santa sitting on the moon and why wouldn't he?

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