Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Walkers Flavour Cup: Part Three

With the actual World Cup winding up soon, it's high time to get off my lazy ass and wrap up this crisp tasting extravaganza - or at least I would if I could track down the remaining flavours. The Scottish, Welsh, South African and Australian crisps remain elusive. I'm thinking the first two may be exclusive to the UK, but surely the other two must be out there somewhere? In the meantime, let's put another three bags through their paces:

Irish Stew

I don't think I've ever came across lamb flavoured crisps, so I was kind of excited to try these. Sadly, like the Brazilian ones, they barley taste of anything. There's some kind of meat flavour deep down there, but it's easily overpowered by the base flavour of the crisps. A single head-butt is almost too much.

Spanish Chicken Paella

I've never had paella, but I'd wager that it involves chicken and peppers from tasting these. The peppers come across way more powerfully than the chicken does and these are easily the saltiest Walkers crisps I've ever had. Like the cheeseburger ones, that may sound bad, but I quite enjoyed them. I'll give these a respectable three out of five.

Italian Spaghetti Bolognese

Initially, I got kind of a barbecue flavour from these. That soon gave way to a herby, meaty stab at a bolognese sauce. It's a decent stab, but I think one bag of these is plenty for me. I'll give these two unenthusiastic head-butts out of five.

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