Friday, February 25, 2011

Site Update: Deep Blue Theme 1.3

TL;DR: A new(ish) version of this turn-of-the century desktop theme awaits on my web site. The shiny new wallpaper's up on my dA gallery.

Back in the Summer of 2000, I was way into desktop themes, well, that, NES ROMs and Limp Bizkit; It was kind of a strange time. I'd been throwing together bad wallpapers for more than a year, but the concept of themed wallpaper, cursors, sounds, etc. in a single, handy package was mind-blowing to my tiny, nerdy mind. Having assembled this bitchin'-lookin' 800 x 600 wallpaper from two royalty-free photos, I decided it'd be the perfect foundation to build my first theme upon.

By July that year, I had a bunch of accompanying cursors I'd made in Cursor Maker; a set of sounds I sampled from the shitty dance tracks I made the previous year (scroll down, if you dare); and a very blue colour scheme packed up with that insanely highly-compressed JPEG as the Deep Blue Theme.

As well as putting the theme on my own site, I sent it into download-behemoths-at-the-time, Tucows, where bizarrely, it got highlighted as the Theme of the Day for July 13, 2000. I was probably walking on air for a week after I found that out, I don't think I'd ever been as proud of anything I'd done up to that point. :D Not only that, but there were actually real people dropping by my crappy little site for the first time ever, leaving messages in the guestbook (remember those?) and even sending me email questions about a fucking desktop theme!

Now, I know no one else cares, but since I pulled down my old web site in 2003, my cerulean masterpiece has been missing from the internet. That's mainly because I've never been happy putting together a new version with the old wallpaper - it's small, heavily artefacted and maybe a bit dodgy copyright-wise. I needed a new one, and in classic JiliK style (in a number of ways), I finally threw something suitable together in Paint Shop Pro last July.

Tah-dah! It's quite a departure from the original, but it is actually original this time and I think it works pretty well. Well, that is if you want to rock a Windows Classic theme in this day and age. :D If that sounds good to you, Deep Blue Theme 1.3 is now up for download on my downloads page, appropriately enough.

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