Sunday, July 10, 2011

Site Update: It's a FAQstravaganza

Nobody remembers except me, but it's roughly nine years around now since my brief, pathetic tenure as a writer of gaming FAQS. In the couple of months I was screwing around, I managed to produce only one complete FAQ for Worms on the PC, as well as maybe 10% complete ones for Blast Corps and Mario 64.

Reading through the Mario 64 FAQ, it looks like I intended it to be my first one, but the size and complexity of both it and Blast Corps meant doing a FAQ for either without a TV of my own would be quite a bothersome task. Worms was a much more manageable undertaking. I had ready access to a PC at the time and I had played that game to death over the previous two years. In the end, I don't think it me too long to crank out the FAQ and I had it up on GameFAQs a day or two later. Of course, a bunch of other cheats site had nicked it for themselves within a few days, with only one or two actually bothering to ask permission. Bastards. :D

To celebrate this momentous occasion, as well as giving the Worms one a much-needed spelling, grammar and formatting overhaul, I've also unleashed the the two unfinished FAQS for the first time on the my web site. Why? Because what else am I going to do on an idle Sunday night? What? Get on with those Backlog Assault entries? Don't be ridiculous.

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