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Archive Raiding: Just Pants

In the Summer of 1999, after messing around with Cool Edit for a bit and hearing about the likes of eJay, I was on the lookout for something that would be a cross between the two, and preferably at a fraction of the cost. A tall order perhaps, but without even trying I came across a bit of mixing software that did just that, on the budget PC rack of my local supermarket of all places. With a 20-track mixing program, a library of samples and a sound editor, it was exactly what I wanted for messing around with at the time. Over the following three years I got quite a bit of use out of it, and while I can't say I cranked out anything amazing during that time, I certainly had a lot of fun trying to. :) As promised/threatened back in January, below is the complete set of surviving tracks, and more!


Year: 1999 | Last Modified: 15 November 2005, 17:21:58 | Download

Once again exploiting SimCity 2000's rich sound effects library, the original version of this would be the oldest thing here, dating back to the Summer of '99, but I lost it in a botched system restore the following year. This is a remake from 2000, now with extra dolphins, for some fucking reason. Named after the time of day I originally finished it, this appeared for a while on my old web site as the equally generic sounding Liberation. A release I even slapped together some janky, low-res cover art for. Behold!

Hairy Ass

Year: 1999 | Last Modified: 15 November 2005, 17:25:52 | Download

This is the tune featuring my mate that I mentioned back in January. One Saturday when he was over I jammed a microphone in his face, to which he delivered an impressive stream of obscenities. The next time he was over I surprised him with the unpleasantly-named, cacophonous mess that I'd turned it into. I think we were both pretty pleased with the outcome. :D

Sitar and Synth

Year: 2000 | Last Modified: 04 July 2000, 22:00:36 | Download

A riff on the name of the 1999 Yomanda track, this does indeed feature samples of both the sitar and synth varieties. Probably one of the better tracks I came up with I think. It''s still extremely short though, and just like the others, it still jumps around from sample to sample like a kid hopped up on industrial-grade Pixy Stix. :D

Trigger Happy

Year: 2000 | Last Modified: 15 November 2005, 17:23:40 | Download

Oh dear. Another dark chapter in my war against learning French, this starts off with a sample of someone from a Learn to Speak French CD-ROM getting gunned down, before turning into a trance-y orgy of violence. Having also appeared on my old web site, this also had some amazing cover art accompanying it at the time; this time made from a magazine screen shot of GTA2.


Ladies and Gentlemen

Year: 2000 | Last Modified: 15 November 2005, 17:23:40 | Download

This one I remember starting work on the Sunday before I returned to school after the Summer of '99, the ticking clock representing the inevitability of said return. :D Somewhere along the way I added a generic talk show host sample to the mix. I don't know; I'm sure it made sense at the time. :D


Year: 2002 | Last Modified: 03 May 2002, 18:44:16 | Download

And just like that we've pretty much come to the end of my glittering array of floor-fillers. Like all my other dumb endeavours of the late 90's / year 2000, working on my crappy little web site at the time drew me away from messing around with this stuff almost entirely. And this was the last tune that I was aware of, at least until now. One that I remember tinkering around with ages to try and get it exactly to my liking. Something I'm not sure if I actually managed to do or not in the end.

Graphics I made to accompany the tracks I put on my site in 2008. The more things change, eh?

Master archive raider that I am though, I did actually find another rough, but complete track buried in a zip file from ten years ago. One that I never finished back in March 2002 and that I'd completely forgotten about since. Rather than going to the bother of inventing a name for this one I'll just go with the bad-ass codename I was using for it at time. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Song X:

Song X

Year: 2002 | Last Modified: ‎10 ‎March ‎2002, ‏‎21:44:14 | Download

Obviously an attempt to go for a longer track here. I don't think it quite succeeds in that respect and it's a bit messy in general, but still, I kind of like this; it's got an interesting sound to it. Unfortunately one that was a bit overpowered by some of the samples I had chosen at the time, so I had to dial some of them back a little before I put the finishing touches to this. And while I'm delving into some deep cuts, I thought I'd close things out with a selection of drum samples I made with the limited, but neat drum beat generator that came with the other programs. Most of these I don't think ever got used used in my illustrious mixing career for one reason or another. I'm guessing because of the terrible names. :D


Last Modified: ‎22 ‎April ‎2000, ‏‎23:04:20 | Download

Drum Beat 1

Last Modified: ‎22 ‎April ‎2000, ‏‎23:24:04 | Download

Close Hi Hat

Last Modified: ‎29 ‎April ‎2000, ‏‎19:51:26 | Download


Last Modified: ‎04 ‎July ‎2000, ‏‎20:02:16 | Download

Turbo Beat

Last Modified: 10 ‎July ‎2000, ‏‎22:25:20 | Download

Drum Beat 2

Last Modified: 24 ‎November ‎2001, ‏‎18:40:12 | Download

DJ JiliK out!

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