Friday, June 7, 2013

It's a Random Game Pic Fiesta!

So, for some reason I've ended up amassing a folder of random, unused screen shots and other gaming junk on my hard drive. Let's go through it.

If we're going by when when all of these were taken, this is certainly the oldest picture of the bunch. It's er, a bunch of SNES manuals and a couple of promotional posters spread out on my bed in 1997..., ladies.

Here's screenshot of I took of Mario Galaxy 2 in November after clearing the Grandmaster Galaxy for the first time. I was going to post this on twitter to show off until I found out that there are in fact 242 stars to collect, the last one requiring you to navigate the same hellish galaxy without taking a single hit. Eep!

Less explainable are these two off-screen photos I took of the results screens for Zone of the Enders...

..and Onimusha after I beat them last year. I suppose an A rank is something of a novelty for me when it comes to Japanese games of this era, but what was I going to do with these? Send them into Nintendo Power?

Something cool I found while carrying out my big clear out in 2011: the original receipt for a GameCube memory card I bought on eBay. Man, £14.99 for 128 KB of storage. Those things really were daylight fucking robbery. :D

Because he's worth it: Resident Evil 4 running in PCSX2, which I've been screwing around with lately. Glad I didn't spring for RE4 HD when it was on sale a few months ago now.

Speaking of screwing (around). :D This is a shockingly not a real game, but something I whipped up for a GAF thread a few years ago involving randomly generated video game titles.

Here we have a trio of screenshots from the PC version of Virtua Fighter, a game I've had since 2005, but another one that I've never been able to play properly. First I couldn't get to grips with the keyboard controls, then when I finally got a 360 controller, the newer PC I had at the time was running the game at an insane speed, but only for the first round of each fight for some reason. I must have taken these by accident while running FRAPS to investigate the problem, one I've yet to solve I'm afraid.

And on the subject of unsolvable problems, take a look at this shit. Granted, I may have been over-thinking things, but this is the ridiculous solution I had to come up with to progress in one of the last levels of Max and the Magic Marker on PC, a game that sounded neat in concept, but proved to be a huge slog to get through.

Yep. Pretty much sums things up.

The stairwell shotgun strikes again. Pretty sure this is from Max Payne 2, which I probably booted up last year to set it up for widescreen, took this and then completely forgot about playing it afterwards.

Not so easily forgotten: Postal 2.

These are a few screen shots I took back when I was doing the Backlog Assault stuff. Even though I had decided not to include any games I had bought and finished within the year, I was going to make an exception for this to "set the record straight" on it, but I realised that I just didn't have much to say about really. It's certainly not the abomination of a game some publications made it out to be back in the day, just a pretty middling shooter that trades in crude humour that's neither as shocking as it was made out to be by the press, or as funny as the developer probably thought it was it is. Oh, and speaking of which...

Man, those guys sure are crazy.

More accidental FRAPS screens from Audiosurf,...

...and the intro to SiN. Hey, wasn't there supposed to be an Audiosurf sequel coming out? I'd be much more excited to hear about that next week than the bloody Xbone. Sorry, Don.

Another Steam screencap, this time for Eternity's Child, a once WiiWare-bound title I picked up in a Steam Sale a few years ago. Not a great game unfortunately, but I do really like the artwork.

And finally, a couple of shots I took of the first Penny Arcade Adventures episode back in January, I guess to show off the character I made. Again I have no idea what venue I was planning to show this off in. As for the game itself, I thought it was pretty tedious, and to be honest, I can't remember even cracking a smile at any of the writing. Good thing I still have Episode 2 to get through, eh?

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