Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spammy Snippets 11/07/13

Rock her hard on your first date

- Advice to live by.

COCKZILLA is the word

- It's got groove, it's got meaning.

I didn't know you were in porn :)

-Me neither. Shit, how did that happen?

Single Christians in your Area Are Looking For You

- But I didn't even do anything.

Katy Perry diet or scam?

- Uh, scam. Probably.

Why Wait - Have an Affair With a Cheating Wife Today

- Finally, the opportunity I've been waiting for.

Hot latinas banged by Germans

- Well, they are more efficient.

So hard you can break an egg

- I'm trying to wrap my head around the logistics that would be involved here, but I just can't.

"Obama grows great length through herbal supplements"

- Typical Obama.

This is not fables – the holy true is in our online medical shop!

- ....What?

(15) Sexual Predators In Your Area - VIEW NOW

- They wouldn't also happen to be single Christians, would they? This situation may be more dire than I'd previously been led to believe.

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