Thursday, August 1, 2013

deviantArt Updates 02/08/13

At last the the trilogy is complete! :D Up today is Paint Doodles 3, another collage of my finest MS Paint scribblings, and perhaps the last one now I've moved over to my phone for that kind of nonsense. Also new is Completely Bear, which much like your average Channel 4 documentary is a lot less titillating than it sounds...
I've also dumped quite a bit of old stuff from my dA folder into my Scrapbook today, including two alternate versions of both Infinity (Infinity-1, Infinity+Blue) and Throwing Shapes (Unfiltered, Unfiltered 'n' Blue), as well as Flamey Guy, a crappy bit of doodling I did with Peter Blaškovič's Flame program back in 2010.

Now back to looking for shelves in Argos.

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