Thursday, March 1, 2007

Animal Crossing Patterns

(Originally posted on JiliK's Stuff)

I remember reading about AC back before I had gotten a Cube and I was just blown away by the idea it - real time world with all kinds of stuff to do and NES games to unlock just sounded incredible. It took quite a while, but I finally gotten my hands on it recently and while there maybe isn't as much stuff to do as I'd like, it's still a great game and as addictive as crack.

One of the things you can dabble while not raising money to pay back that bloodsucker, Nook is to design patterns that you can put on your clothes, umbrella etc. Here are a few dodgy ones I've done, screen capped for your enjoyment. Click on the patterns below to enlarge them.


A real hit with the animals in my village, this is based on the colour scheme from my old web site. And look at the genius of the name, it's black and blue with a white slash through it. Genius, I tell you!


A little disturbing maybe, but it's also pretty funny to see some animals wandering around town with blood spattered clothes on. Not as funny as making them say "biatch" at the end of each sentence though.

Union Jack

Not very original, but perfect for that Geri Halliwell look.


What do you mean it doesn't make you think you're having a psychedelic experience?


This one's pretty crappy. It's kind of a 70's look with rainbow coloured stripes against a beige background.

Non-Copyright-Infringing Block Pattern

Ooh, exclusive content. :D Made this one around September 07 so it didn't make the cut for the original version of this. Looked pretty cool on a shirt in-game, but man, the more I look at it here, the more those cut-off blocks on the left and the too-long straight piece on the right are bothering me. *sigh* I probably need to get out more. :D

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