Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Moments in Marketing: Screaming Torres

Well friends, the World Cup may be long gone, but there's still a bit of footballing business I need to take care of. And seeing as adverts and the like irk me on a pretty regular basis I thought I might start a feature with it.

So here we have the Pepsi Max World Cup-themed 2l bottle label from the summer (or at least the only one they had shops around here). It's got Spain's, Fernando Torres as some sort of tribal football warrior. A valid angle to take, I guess, but his pose and expression along with all the weird, photoshopped psychedelia make him look like an angry, shirtless hippy doing his best Mario impersonation. Or in other words, ridiculous.


As an added bonus, we also get a bit of life advice, apparently from Pepsi's newly acquired Wheel of Morality - "Life's a pitch; You can't win without friends." After pondering how life was in any way like a football pitch, I started wondering if the Spanish team had a big falling out before the Switzerland game back in the summer. This label, thought provoking, if nothing else.

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