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Halloween Candy 2010

Halloween Candy 2010: First Batch

While picking up some Halloween candy I stumbled across in October, I thought I should probably blatantly rip off -RoG- do a blog post, reviewing whatever spooky treats I could get my hands on locally. Not much as it turns out, but that didn't stop me from photographing dissected chocolate eggs like a crazy person or indeed, rating all the candy on offer on a Screaming Torres scale of 1 to 5. So let's get to it:

Cadbury Screme Eggs

Halloween Candy 2010: Screme Eggs

Halloween Candy 2010: Screme Egg Dissected

A new Halloween variety of creme egg had me so excited that I bought two. Imagine my disappointment when I bit into the thing and discovered that it was just a regular old creme egg, with the yellow dye used for the yolk replaced with green. They didn't even use a Halloween themed mould for the eggs themselves. Come on guys, you can do better than this.

They may still be creme eggs, but I can only give this kind of unimaginative laziness a three out of five.


Cadbury Dead Heads

Halloween Candy 2010: Dead Heads Spilling

Halloween Candy 2010: Dead Heads Unwrapped

Halloween Candy 2010: Dead Heads Dissected 2

More egg-based business from Cadbury. I really like the look of the monster faces on these guys and while I was a bit disappointed that the red/maroon filling wasn't cherry or strawberry flavour, any chocolate product filled with caramel (even when it's dyed red) is always more than welcome by me.


Natural Confectionery Company Spooky Treats

Halloween Candy 2010: Natural Confectionery Company

Halloween Candy 2010: Spooky Treats (Sharpened)

Here we have a some jellies boasting natural colours and flavours. I really liked these - the fruit flavours are tasty and quite intense and I appreciate how there are more jelly shapes than there are flavours. Although I guess that's why there were far more black (blackcurrant) and red (strawberry) jellies in the bag than the others - bad news if you prefer orange, lemon or lime.


Natural Confectionery Company Cauldron's Mix

Halloween Candy 2010: Cauldron's Mix

The sour coating's pretty weak on these, but I'm still digging the fruit flavours, which seem to be exactly the same as the Spooky Treats. Can anyone tell what the green, black and white ones above meant to be though? I'm going for a troll, a lump of coal and a mound of bird shit (A ghost you say? How dare you dismantle my sub-par jokes).


Haribo Horror Mix

Halloween Candy 2010: Horror Mix

You can't go wrong with some Haribo, especially when it's the kind with the soft white underside, which makes up most of the bag here. I'm not really seeing where frogs and snakes fit in with a Halloween themed product, but I 'm liking the design of these, especially the spiders, who naturally, have crosses embossed on their backs. The skeletons look a bit goofy though and their creepy, smiley faces freak me out for some reason.


Haribo Super Sour Monsters

Halloween Candy 2010: Super Sour Monsters

Where the Cauldron's Mix coating failed, these deliver with a damn sour exterior. Underneath that you've got an interesting and delicious trio of flavours: cherry, lemon and apple. And to top it off, the odd, alien-looking monsters they went for here are pretty awesome-looking. I guess they could have added another flavour or two to the bag, but as things stand, these are already sour candy perfection.


Spooky Halloween Bars

Halloween Candy 2010: Spooky Halloween Bars Zooomed In

Halloween Candy 2010: Spooky Halloween Bars

A full-sized Snickers? Naw, you're getting a portion controlled Halloween bar, fatty. With "portion controlled" prominently displayed on the packing, I was expecting some joyless, tasteless, low fat chocolate inside, but these aren't too bad actually. Half of each bar is fairly generic-tasting, but passable milk chocolate and the other half's white chocolate dyed orange, which I kind of liked. They're not the best bars in the world but I could happily munch my way through them a pack of them. I love the cute little wrappers they come in too.

If the bars themselves do nothing for you, you can also grab a scissors and cut out the smallest playing cards known to humanity from the included fun card and play snap with them. Make sure to grab a magnifying glass first.


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