Thursday, August 11, 2011

Accidental Screenshots: Half Life Lost Coast / Opposing Force

I may have missed last week, but that doesn't mean I'm out of screenshots from my wandering quicksave finger just yet. Today, we're heading back to the world of Half Life with a collection of snaps from the HL1 add-on, Opposing Force and the HL2 one level tech demo, Lost Coast.

You know, out of the Half Life games I've played so far, OP4 was the only one I didn't really enjoy. I found it pretty damn tough compared to the original, really struggling to get through most of it. I guess they made harder on the assumption that you'd have a few AI characters helping a lot of the time. I could never seem to keep any of those morons alive for more than a few minutes though, at least without tearing my hair out and quicksaving and loading like a madman. And there was quite enough of that going on as it was. :D

But enough talk, let's get going with those screenshots. First up, Lost Coast:

Is it just me, or does saving during a one level demo seem a little bit pathetic? :D

And now, for some Opposing Force:

This is pretty early on in the game, I think. Probably taken during the Steam Holiday Sale I bought this in.

Clearly, Adrian Shephard is not worthy to wield the tool of The One Free Man.

Some dead headcrabs to the left. That screech never fails to freak me out.

Holy crap, I spent so much time wandering around this area trying to figure out what to do. It turned out that one of the doors (maybe this one) that was supposed to open just wouldn't in my game. I had to pull up the console in the end and punch in a no clipping code to get past it.

More to come after the jump.

I think I had resorted to using the shockroach so much at this stage because I was otherwise super low on ammo. This game really was no joke.

This looks like an area that had a load of those bloody ninjas in it. What a pain in the ass they were. :D

You'd think someone would had stuck a railing at the edge of that toxic waste. Seems like an occupational hazard.

In your head you're currently hearing this.

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