Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great (Cheesy) Moments in Marketing

So, every now and then the dairy companies here put out an ad to remind people that cheese still exists. Last year they did just that and came out with this...thing:

Now, I wouldn't say I hate children, but the combination of these four photos of this gurning little bastard angel never fail to send me into a page-eviscerating rage.You know what would be a more effective ad for cheese than pictures of a mugging, little cretin's "cheesy moments"? Anything!

That's not even my only problem with the ad. "Packed in my lunchbox, in a tasty sandwich, or just as a snack - it tastes great any time of the day!" This kid really spun that obvious line of marketing spiel when they asked him about cheese? What does that mean anyway? "It tastes great any time of the day" - His favourite thing about cheese is that its flavour isn't time-dependant? That it doesn't taste like poop between six o'clock and seven thirty and scorched pubes after eight?

Looking at just the ad, the "what's yours?" also seems to stick out as a bit of weird grammar, given the fact that the kid has multiple cheesy, irritating moments shown here and not just one. What's actually happening here is that the ad is doing an really poor job of asking people to submit their own photos, to a contest running on the website at the very bottom. They really expected people to decipher this on their own?

I guess a few people must have though; It's still up at the moment, with a page of genuine-looking, winning pictures on it. I would have entered myself too, but it's actually damn hard to hold a camera steady with a brie wedge squelching around in your ass crack. (Now that's a cheesy moment.)

Oh, and also,

enjoy never sleeping again.

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