Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey, How About Some Random DKC 2 Screens?

Being a bit short on space, I've had my SNES hooked up to my PC via a TV card and an RF cable for a few years now. I was never really happy with the picture quality though, so I decided to get a composite cable to hook it up instead back in August. I managed to find a cheap, knock-off version of the original cable on eBay for a few Euros and while I was testing it out, I took a few snaps of Donkey Kong Country 2 running through it. To be honest, I don't think the cable made huge improvement, but it did eliminate the need to fine tune the SNES channel's frequency to fix the picture all the time -  a huge improvement in itself.

So anyway, let's check out those screenshots:

(Sigh) Never forget.

It was 1998 by the time I got around to playing this, but I still thought it looked incredible at the time. These beehive levels were easily amoung the prettiest.

Ferrying the Kongs around as Squaks was a pretty cool mechanic, but man,...

Fuck those zingers!

And finally, here's Dixie bolting towards the roller coaster in Target Terror. Is it just me or does Dixie not get nearly the recognition she deserves? That helicopter ponytail was pretty much the best thing in the game, and DKC 2 was a freaking awesome game. (Screw the haters.)

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