Thursday, March 22, 2012

deviantArt Update 22/03/12


You know, I feel kind of bad diving back into my cache of Junior Cert art work more than a decade later, but there's still some cool stuff left there; Mostly things I've never been able to post thanks to the difficulty of scanning A2-sized pages with a regular-ass scanner. Sadly, nothing's actually changed in the scanner department, but I made the best of what I had last October and scanned in a few things, section by section. One of these was the sheet of preparation work for my graphic design piece, something that's been in my gallery since 2006, now given a nice, high resolution upgrade thanks to all that hot scanning action. Golden Power and Stringy make up the rest of this weeks updates - two more wallpapers just kind of thrown together last year. :D Last week saw a final set of doodles going up from 2006, creatively titled Doodles 4. Continuing the everything-looks-cooler-in-negative trend was Wall of Negativity and rounding out the main gallery uploads was Melty Face, a little bit of nonsense I whipped up while testing out Paint Shop Pro X4.

And that just about does it for the moment. Now, back to Mass Effect 3.

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