Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boy, This Sure Would Have Been More Timley in November...

..., but why start breaking with tradition now? Happy St. Jack-'o-lantern's day, everyone!

Halloween Pics 2011: Jack-o'-lantern 01

Another completely unremarkable Jack-o'-lantern stares into the distance, pondering the nearby stack of dated audio visual equipment.

Halloween Pics 2011: Pumpkin Pie

Still churning out pies from that leftover pumpkin flesh. This year I finally got around to picking up a couple of proper pie dishes just before Halloween. No more making do with cake tins or lasagne dishes.

Halloween Pics 2011: Pumpkin Pie Close-up

Check out that sweet-ass latticework.

Halloween Pics 2011: Decorations 01

The day after Halloween I found myself in a supermarket clearing their Halloween decorations for half price; I knew what I had to do. And having bought them, I couldn't just let them sitting around until next year, so I ended up putting them up around the house and leaving them there for a week or so.

That's nothing though - the two Halloween candy dispensers on top of the shelves have been hanging around since 2007; The candy inside has seen better days.

Halloween Pics 2011: Decorations 02

This impressive display is brought to you by the power of six AA batteries and Sellotape, so much Sellotape.

Halloween Pics 2011: Jack-o'-lantern 03

And now, the all-internal jack-o'-lantern action you've been waiting for. Aww yeah!

Halloween Pics 2011: Jack-o'-lantern 04


Halloween Pics 2011: Jack-o'-lantern 05

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