Thursday, January 9, 2014

deviantArt Updates 02/01/14

Hey everyone, and happy new year!

So, normally in these posts I'd be running through the latest bits of 4 or 5 year old work I've finally gotten around to posting, but man, things have changed over the last few months. Back in April or so I decided I should stop wasting my time playing phone games while watching TV and try my hand at a drawing app instead. Things got off to a pretty shaky start, but after a few weeks I really started to get the hang of it, producing some nifty little doodles in the end. When I finally moved into the world of tablet ownership in the summer, I shifted my doodling over there and with a bigger screen and more practice at my disposal, I've been putting out bigger, better and much weirder stuff ever since. It's the first time I've been drawing regularly and experimenting with new stuff since at least 2006 and I've got to say: it feels pretty good. Up today is another batch of that new work, joining the four drawings I put up in late November. Hope you guys enjoy them, and here's to a new year full of tabletey oddness.

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