Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Bloody Reblog: Pickups 26/05/14

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Holy crap! As far as retro collecting goes, I am in deep at the moment. Really need to put together a proper blog post when I get the chance, but for now let’s just take a look at today’s haul.

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64, PAL) £3

Kirby Air Ride (Gamecube, US) £5

So Kirby’s basically the reason for this entire package. :D After searching fruitlessly for months for a cheap US copy I could run on my Wii in 480p, I came across this disc only one on Retrogames, a site I used to buy SNES and N64 stuff back in the early 00’s. Having already saved a good €20-25 on that, I decided I’d have a poke around their Bargain Basement section. It was all downhill from there. :D

Wrestling’s never something I’ve been into, but the glowing reviews for the N64’s WWF games in particular always had me curious to try one of that era’s games out. Eh, can’t go too far wrong for £3 anyway.

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64, PAL) £4

Another N64 game I’ve been eager to get my hands for ages. Haven’t had too much experience of the Goemon games, but I’ve heard very good things about this one and it looks completely bonkers, which is always a plus. £4 is a great price for this too. I’ve never seen it go for less than €16-17 on eBay. Mind you, this was listed as having a non-working battery. Pretty sure this doesn’t have even have on-cartridge saves, so I’m hoping that just a mistake.

Excite Bike 64 (N64, PAL) £7

Wave Race: Blue Storm (Gamecube, JPN) £5

And the last N64 game, Excitebike 64. Don’t really know too about this one to be honest. I guess it kind of passed me by in the midst of my fervent Gamecube anticipation back in the day. It’s always been on my list to check out though and £7 wasn’t a bad price at all.

(Though the contacts in all of them could do with a clean.)

In another case of chasing that 480p dream, I also picked up a Japanese copy of Wace Race to replace a PAL copy I bought back in January only to immediately regret it once I saw it in action. Yeah, 480i isn’t a huge step down in image quality, but having played a bunch of NTSC games through component on my Wii now, it’s hard to go back.

Ninja Gaiden (Xbox, PAL) £3

Finally, a copy Ninja Gaiden for the OG Xbox. Not really sure I’m up to the challenge of this, but for £3, I couldn’t resist. I hear the NES games are unlockable here too, but I imagine there’s a pretty good chance I’ll never even get that far. :D

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