Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spammy Snippets 23/07/14

Wow, this is amazing

- It really isn't.

Challenge Mike Myers as the love guru

- That wouldn't be hard.

The scientific breakthrough is here

- Finally.

"Don't panic, she is not a prostitute"

- Well that's a relief.

Your friend ngymfwpnunozndn@xgmzzyximjhpwxa.com has shared a link with you.

- Aw shit, ngymfwpnunozndn, you're the best!

An extra inch and you become the Love Guru

- Two! Two Love Guru references. Hey, remember when The Love Guru was the smash comedy hit of 2008? No; Nobody does.

Obama endorses herbal supplements 

- What a jerk.

Scientific discovery! Viagra with discounts

- And they said all that research was for nothing.

Nothing beats a huge stick

- Even a huge knife?

BAD NEWS ☹ Your Fatal Heart Attack Is Coming (here's why)

- Oh, I already know why:

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