Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Take Off's Artwork is Totally Rad

Went to a funfair today. Some pretty sick airbrushing on show all around (not to mention a bunch of grumpy-ass carnies :D), but this ride, I couldn't leave without capturing in all it's glory.


So up on the left we've got a little Clint Eastwood pointing his camera right into a circa 1993 Demi's boobs. Both appear to have halos surrounding them which is odd, but not bad likenesses.

Bruce comes off a bit less well, but boy is he stoked. And behind him there's a car chase in what may be Heaven or potentially Bespin, though the former would explain the halos.

Further right, we've got all kinds of chaos, and what I can only assume to be the worst rendition of Arnie I've ever seen being vaporised from the chest down in some kind of gigantic explosion.

While over on the far right, Steven Spielberg looks on pensively and Harrison Ford is well, just as grumpy as ever.

All in all, a hight point in western art, though while tucking into a bratwurst a little later..

Oh hell, I might as well post a picture of that too. :D It was pretty good.

.. I spotted a little up-and-coming competition to my right in the Dunnes Stores car park:

Insert sausage joke here.

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