Sunday, June 3, 2012

JiliK's N64 Tape

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Back in secondary school, I had a good mate who'd come over every now and then to play some N64 games. In 2002, he hadn't been around in a while; not surprising, considering it was the year of our final exams, but dammit, I had several newly-acquired games I was desperate to show him at the time. So, in a typical display of patience and reason, I set about making an elaborate, VHS-based highlight reel of the games in question to pass along to him at school. I think I spent about two weeks putting the whole thing together, N64 hooked up to my crappy old VCR, remote in one hand, controller in the other. The resulting tape wasn't exactly a master class in gaming, but I think I got all the cool bits of the games I wanted to show him in there. Questionable gaming skill aside, I was really proud of my little production, watching it several times myself before finally passing it onto my mate.

When the age of YouTube dawned, I thought it would have been kind of neat to put the tape up there for all to see, but there was one slight problem: I fucking taped over it, and not even by accident. I guess that episode of Friends or whatever was just too important not to record and cherish forever. :D Well, a few months ago, it was ten years since I made the tape; I'd just picked up a USB capture device, and a copy of Sony Vegas; and I still had all the games within arm's reach. Hey, what if I remade it? In a move just as dumb, or maybe dumber than the first time around, that's exactly what I did; shot for shot, as best as I could remember. So, without further ado, let's fucking watch it:

Part One: Conker's Bad Fur Day

Part Two: The World is Not Enough

Part Three: Star Fox 64

Part Four: International Superstar Soccer 98

Part Five: Perfect Dark

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