Friday, June 29, 2012

deviantArt Updates 29/06/12


Things have been pretty busy in gallery land lately, with seven deviations added over the last couple of weeks; naturally of varying levels of quality. :D First up from last week, we have Painting Prep. Work, another set of Junior Cert. preparatory work I scanned in, this time with my shiny, new mouse scanner. Unfortunately the quality of the scan doesn't quite compare with what you'd get from a flatbed, but I was able to do it in a couple of hours as opposed to a few days, so there's that. Dark Flower and Kaleidoscope Collage finally put a stop to the stream of kaleidoscope images I've been dumping on dA of late. And rounding things off is Roof Kitty, a cute pic of one of our cats I took a few weeks ago. This week's stuff kicks off quite randomly with Extreme Close-up (Whoaaaaaa), a blown-up version of a Windows cursor I made like, twelve years ago now. Doodles 5 is exactly what you think it is. And wrapping things up is Break of Dawn, quite a nice pic I took after a very late-night retro-gaming session a few days ago. I wish I was playing something good, but sadly it was World Rally Fever again. I don't have a problem though; I can stop trying to beat this crappy kart racer any time I want.

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