Monday, May 7, 2012

Accidental Screenshots: Half-Life 2 / Episode 2

While I was watching Game Informer's Half-Life Super Replay the other day, I remembered that I had a huge cache of  Half-Life 2 screenshots sitting on my hard drive from when I played it in 2010, all accidentally taken while I was quick-saving. I posted the same type of shots from a bunch of other games last Summer, but there were so many of these I didn't really know what to do with them; I don't really have enough to say about HL2 to caption 21 images, apart from that it was a bloody great game, and this is coming from someone who doesn't generally care for FPSs. Thankfully, I managed to track down a Flash-based gallery widget, so I can still offer everyone this great content-free content, now with even less content. Woo, blogging!

I actually just got around to finishing Episode 2 recently too, now putting me in the same boat as everybody else who's pining for more crowbar-waving hijinks aboard the Borealis. (sigh) But cheer up, I've got a couple of accidental shots form that too. One gorgeous one, highlighting the graphical bump from the original Half-Life 2 to Episode 2 and one from inside yet another vent. Woo, Half-Life! :D 

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