Monday, May 7, 2012

Shepard, What's Wrong With Your Faaaace?

I was going to put together a little tutorial on how to import your Mass Effect 1 Sheppard into Mass Effect 3, but now that that problem's been fixed, there isn't really much point. I've still got a photo I was saving for it on my hard drive though, so why don't I post it anyway?

Mass Effect 3 Shepard

Here she is, after about an hour of faffing around, and having to to manually enter a long-ass code with the 360 pad (bottom left). I'm glad I went to all that trouble though; it just wouldn't be the same going through this game with any other version of Shepard after the 70 or so hours I put into the first two. The code I got initially didn't include all her features though; I was originally left with a bald, make-up free version with white eyebrows, that I had to tweak manually using a couple of pics that I took of her Mass Effect 2 incarnation. Oh look, here they are now:

Mass Effect 2: Shepard #2

Mass Effect 2: Shepard #1

Not a bad match I think. They're both miles better than the version of her face from ME1, which had this really jarring, odd-looking join between her forehead and her hair. Having just watched all of BGS before I started playing it, I was going for a Starbuck-esque look at the time, but I have a feeling that the character editor in ME1 was aimed more at making bald space marines than tough, blonde military girls.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I might as well pop up my finished Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 save file. I needed to extract it from my 360's wad of Mass Effect 2 data in order to get the face code. If anyone wants to start up Mass Effect 3 as a female paragon (who knew to kick Ashley to the kerb when the opportunity presented itself), be my guest. You're on your own as far as using it goes, but there should be plenty info online. Link.

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