Thursday, November 20, 2008

Acceptable in the 80's

80s Collection

Despite my dislike of The Daily Mail's unique brand of journalism, I'm a total bargain whore and in September they were running a pretty sweet promotion. Presumably to boost readership, they were giving away a complete 80's studio album every day for two weeks. To get the set for free you had to redeem a coupon in the paper that day at one of two chains of stores. Seeing as that would be a lot of hassle and saddle me with more inky toilet paper than was strictly necessary, I opted to collect seven tokens and send away for the full set instead.

It finally arrived yesterday in a long card envelope. The CDs all came in their own card sleeves featuring the front and back artwork of the original release. The discs themselves were all kept to a uniform design though. There's no artwork on the label, just the artist and album name in a common font and various record label logos.

Content-wise, it's a pretty nice collection, featuring several big albums from the time and at €9 and seven copies of the paper (€7), it's only a fraction of what it would cost to get them even as a digital download. I've only had a listen to some of the acts that I'm more familiar with yet. I quite enjoyed Dare! and Colour by Numbers and True by Spandau Ballet definitely has its moments. Now, time to crank up some Bonnie Tyler for maximum gravely-voiced power balladry. (EDIT: Well, that sucked :D)

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