Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poptastic! - Now 36

Bonus points for identifying the wallpaper.

Okay, I'll admit it. I've kind of got a thing for late 90's pop music. I can't stand most of the chart music around at the moment, even turning on the radio these days is liable to make me violently nauseous :D. Back then though, the radio in my trusty old Sony Walkman provided soundtrack to my life. And what an awesome soundtrack it was...... Not really though, there was still a lot of shit, just less than at the moment.

Anyway, in a fit of nostalgia I picked up Now 44 on eBay earlier in the year and I've continued to grab one now and again since. I'm mostly interested in 35-50 (51 being the exact point where music turned to crap, of course), but I'd quite like to pick up some of the earlier ones at some point too

The latest one to pop through my letterbox is Now 36 from March 1997. Let's see what we've got on that then (full track listing here). It's gets off to a pretty dodgy start with the Spice Girl slush fest "Mama". That's thankfully followed by a bunch of great tunes from the likes of Texas, The Beautiful South and Robert Miles. Disc 1 ends with swirling torrent of crap, featuring a load of boy band dross and Peter Andre to boot.

While the first disc is mostly pop, the second straddles the rock and dance camps, featuring the likes of The Prodigy, Mansun, Sash!, Monaco and The Divine Comedy. There's a pretty forgettable song from Cast, plus a pointless cover of Waterloo Sunset and I can't stand "You've Got The Love" by The Source after being bombarded by the remix of it everywhere a few years ago. Overall though, the second disc is pretty damn solid throughout. There's even a *shocker* semi-tolerable song from Ant & Dec (that I would have probably ignored had I known it was them at first :D).

It's definitely one of the stronger entries in the series from that time, but be warned, it does tend to sell for more than some of the others from the same period.

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